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Political Signs in Lenox Village - UPDATE

As a reminder, all political signs must be removed as the election is over. This includes the Black Lives Matter and We Believe signs that were designated as political signs.

2020 Accomplishments and Upcoming Projects

2020 List of Accomplishments as of 11/18/2020

  • Pressure washing at units/common area: 24
  • 16 drywall repairs from water intrusion
  • Exterior painting (doors/trim/front railing/columns etc.): 11 units
  • 4 requests for minor tree/shrub work
  • 11 requests to remove furniture/debris from condo dumpster corrals
  • Interior repairs (outside of drywall) from water intrusion: 5
  • Exterior maintenance (gutter & downspout repairs/shutters/trim/fence/siding repair & replacement/flashing etc.): 27 units
  • Gutter cleaning: 6 units
  • Drainage on St. Jules Lane
  • 3 light replacements (breezeway lights/Regent building lights)
  • Addressed 6 roof leaks/issues
  • 2 common area repairs
  • Performed 1 leak assessment

Upcoming Projects

  • Sidewalk repair on St. Jules Lane and at Loxley Park: Scheduled December 14th-17th
  • Repair to bridge on Heaton Way: Scheduled Mid-February 2021
  • Tree work: removal and replacement throughout the community in the common area
  • Exterior painting: condo patio ceilings
  • Roof Replacement on 3 townhomes buildings, totaling 13 units: 7101-7105 Lenox Village Drive, 7107-7115 Lenox Village Drive and 7100-7108 Lenox Village Drive


Approved HOA Board Minutes - Oct. 2020

Lenox Village HOA - Board of Directors Meeting

October 7, 2020

Call to Order

President Marcia Adams called the meeting to order at 5:03 PM at the meeting held by conference call. A quorum was declared present. 

Members Present

Marcia Adams, Chris McLaughlin, Charlotte Buchanan, Len Dinoia and Melissa Hargett 

Visitors Present -

Others Present -                                                                                

Ashlee Stonestreet and Emery Gasser, GPM                                     


Reviewed the minutes from 08/19/20 board meeting. 

Motion made to approve minutes of 08/19/20. Motion seconded and carried 5-0.

Updates & Old Business:

  1. Trash in driveway on Loxley- Letters on 06/12/2020 and 09/02/2020. A stroller and pull along cart for a bike are sitting in the driveway, very tidy.
  2. Landscape/mowing issue on fence line at Fyffe Lane- This was completed by BrightView.
  3. Update on new owner welcome packet- We added the maintenance ownership documents and replaced the old HOA information documents with Melissa’s revised documents. 
  4. Tree removal bids- Still waiting on all estimates to be submitted.
  5. Air conditioners in the Regent building- This was completed by MJ Frick.
  6. Website: back end updates- Sue has been working on this but she was not present. No update at this time.
  7. Roofing claims/insurance – Summit was onsite this week with the insurance adjuster performing inspections. As of 10/06/2020, they have looked at 60 buildings. Now all townhomes and condo building roofs are being inspected.
  8. Solar lights for common areas – Waiting for delivery. It was suggested that the HOA may want to place one by the bridge on Alteras Drive in the spring.
  9. Retention Pond maintenance – Work has been completed by DocAir from the original inspection/list submitted by Metro. Additional work planned for one of the Retention Ponds on Rigden Mill. 
  10. Sidewalk / Retaining Wall – Wilson and Associates Engineering stated a structural engineer is not needed as this is a settling issue. The brick wing wall just needs to be lifted.
  11. Tree issue on Saint Danasus Drive- Discussed the Urban Design Overlay- tree section. The Board may want to look at mandating how to trim the street trees and how often to maintain uniformity.

New Business: 

  1. Ashlee reported on major issues- 1501 Tolkien Lane had a busted toilet supply line. Filed a claim with the HOA insurance company and we are waiting on the adjusters report. 
  2. A new property owner who just purchased a condo inquired about split HVAC units. He is doing the leg work and may come to the Board with a proposal. 

 Committee Report: 

Landscape – 

  • Chris reported with updates from the landscape committee. Discussed drafting a rule to make a policy that allows the Board to provide a time frame to rectify an issue or they will do it and charge the repair cost back to the homeowners account. Send out a letter to reference/specify this along with the HOA’s willingness to pay for ½ of the dead street tree replacement. **After further review, there is a rule that allows the Board to rectify an issue and charge back the homeowners account if the issue is not addressed in the time frame requested. 

ARC – 

  • Discussed requested that were approved in the past 30 days. 1309 Concord Mill Lane- Paint home. 7756 Porter House Drive- Trellis in backyard. ARC Committee denied request from 2341 Alteras Drive to have a fountain in their front yard.

Social –

  • No report. HOA may look into buying a projector.


Meeting adjournment at 6:14 PM 

Next meeting scheduled for November 18, 2020


Lenox Village Halloween Contest Results

The results are in for the Lenox Village Halloween Decorating Contest.

Congratulations to our winners!

  • with 76% of the vote: Detached Home: 7623 Leveson
  • with 51% of the vote: Townhome: 801 Hobbit

Be sure and visit these winners and offer congratulations!

Yard Waste Pickup

Due to the inclement weather we are moving the Yard Waste Pickup to November 7, 2020.

Time is still noon to 3pm.

Locations are:

  • Bridge on Lenox Village Drive by Sunnywood
  • Bridge on Alteras Drive by Sunnywood